In few hours lights will light up the sky and we will know 2015 has arrived. As you can see in all the social media sites, people started to talk about their New Year resolutions.  These last few days of every year always reminded me of coming back to school, I always had this dream of being an A student, so in the first week I will sit right there in front of the teacher taking notes, highlighting everything that matter. IT IS ON school, teachers, supervisors, I have arrived. Then I notice this cool girl to my right who is throwing chalk at the fan just to see it fly across the classroom, and think this is fun.  Another girl to my left was taking her morning nap. The distraction was tempting, I wanted to take a nap, throw chalks and jump on the table. Regardless to say, the good me has left the building.

All of you are now wondering; where is she going with this? I will gladly tell you in this coming sentence. There are a large number of us around the globe, who set unrealistic expectations for ourselves and say ‘will do this in the next year’. Just like dieting and working out, we say ‘we will start tomorrow’. It usually never starts tomorrow or at times it starts tomorrow and ends there.

We lack the will, so instead of facing our limits we look around and say I will be this and that. I have tried to be the size zero girl, tried to be the smartest or the prettiest. I failed in all; I failed because I can’t be all and also because this is what my generation wanted. I never sat long enough to write down in a piece of paper what I am good at and what I wanted to accomplish and see if they have any chance of crossing paths.

New Year resolution never last, they are wishful thinking and unrealistic at times. I don’t mean for all of you to start the New Year with this morbid thought. Instead I want you all to realize every day is a new day and every minute is a new minute. If you really want the change and it’s your calling start this second.

Sara H.

17 thoughts on “New Year and it’s just in time for what?

  1. I agree. I am so tired of these false ideals people have about the world. Nobody who makes these resolutions have any desire to follow through with them. The worst I think, are the weight loss resolutions. The United States has this weight loss culture that doesn’t actually lose weight, and they enhance this culture with these obnoxious commercials about weight loss diets, programs, equipment, every time we turn on a TV. I was so happy when I decided to stop paying to cable last year. I suddenly noticed once the new year started, that I wasn’t being bombarded with weight loss commercials.


  2. Thank you for finding my blog and for the like.

    I can appreciate what you stated in this post about New Years Resolutions. We can make a change starting right this moment, any moment- not just because it is a New Year, after all. It is a matter of making a commitment to that change and caring enough to give ourselves that self-love: both when we reach our goal and when we tried but temptation won otherwise.

    Happy New Year to you and yours! 🙂


  3. So true!! I like to think of a word or theme for the year, rather than resolutions. It sets a good tone for the new year, but doesn’t cause any unrealistic expectations or pressure! Happy New Year!!

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